Now I Am Become Movement

Now I Am Become Movement

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“This one is about trying to progress.” —niabd

Now I Am Become Death is an ongoing project by the producer and multi-instrumentalist Blake Ortego Jr., currently based in Lafayette, Louisiana.

“The simple narrative is a person dancing at a club. Which broken down can be applied to almost any experience—The Intro, The Entrance, The Chance… on to The Freedom, The Experience, and The Ecstasy.”

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Sports Coach – Beau and His Dreams


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Sports Coach (aka J Thatcher May) is from Boston, MA. This album was made by a dog named Beau. He lives in a city of neon lights and purple skies. He rides a motorcycle and wears a leather jack as well as sunglasses. Beau is a loner…. but he’s loved.

1. beau and his dreams

2. late night city no more

3. beau and his awake thoughts

4. finding the bones again

5. cool guy pretty cool to me with the shades on

6. at the beach don’t mind the salt love the rocks

7. tear it up no sweat

8. eating grass is nutrients, alright ?

9. shades off and alone, thinking

10. late night city cruising

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Album recorded, mixed, + mastered by Sports Coach
Album art and photos on cassette by Sports Coach
Album art text by Connor Lepre
Cassette design by Sports Coach + A. Stewart
Photos of cassettes by Elle DioGuardi

Balcony View – Technological Eschatology

Balcony View - Technological Eschatology

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Balcony View reveals ‘Technological Eschatology’, his third release on Step Pepper. He’s hitting the road this Fall with Helen of Coi (aka Lindsey Shante) for The Solitude Tour, headed Northeast.

The music of ‘Technological Eschatology’ was created, arranged, and recorded by J. C. Bridges using analog and digital synthesizers, violin and magnetic tape manipulation.

Also from Balcony View :
Wanderer, 2012
Portrait of Nothing, 2013

Slomile Swift—Sharper Blade, Safer Knife

Slomile Swift - Sharper Blade, Safer Knife

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Slomile Swift’s smartly titled ‘Sharper Blade, Safer Knife’—the follow up to last year’s short and sweet “Keep Back” EP—is no less funky, no less groovy than its predecessor, with an expertly crafted ensemble sound, layered grooves and fat bass lines, sly samples—cleverly edited—with deceptively simple arrangements resembling something like musical slight-of-hand.

There’s a endearing humor in the use of sports TV snippets to setup certain drops—the key components behind Swift’s forward motion—but the record has a solid instrumental core, hitting hard and full, with only a passing reverence to the sample-laden productions of yesterday. Here, Slomile Swift has created five wholly original compositions, with live instrumentation and a consistently thoughtful undercurrent of melodic bass.

Get the DUAL-EP cassette version, with reversible insert. Contains two separate albums; one on each side. (+download codes)

Side A—Sharper Blade, Safer Knife (2016)
Side B—Keep Back (2015)

Cover art for ‘Sharper Blade, Safer Knife’ by Chris Stewart
Cover photo for ‘Keep Back’ by Tanner Short

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Dead Balloons


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Dead Balloons is a trio from Birmingham, blending styles of garage, punk, folk, and progressive rock. Discover Sam Sanders’ frenetic and exact drumming, Rollie Kraus’ complex and melodic bass lines, and Chris Seifert’s compelling lyrics and powerful vocal delivery. We’re releasing their debut full-length. 15 original tracks including songs from their promo EP from earlier this year.

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