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The self-titled debut album by CYDNY—aka Ryan Coath from Chicago. It’s a calm, cool collection of smooth electronic sounds, downtempo rhythms, spooky synths, and thoughtful ambient passages. At once both energetic and restrained, the album glows with a soft, smoldering intensity.

Cover art by Austin Vesley. “Drifts” artwork and additional design by Urbandy.

Don’t miss the “Drifts” single release which includes an exclusive B-side.

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PRIME8 PIMPIN—Seinen Jigsaw

PRIME8 PIMPIN - Seinen Jigsaw

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PRIME8 PIMPIN returns with a strikingly twisted cassette.

“The 14 tracks that span across this hour-long album sound like a madman’s attempt to flip and fit together every sample found on his computer while simultaneously stringing together a loose narrative of anime screams, cries and exclamations. While not necessarily a hip-hop record, Seinen Jigsaw’s groundwork pays homage to RZA’s signature beat-making style. Continue reading PRIME8 PIMPIN—Seinen Jigsaw



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EP2—The fourth album from Urbandy, and the follow-up to the plainly titled ‘EP’ released earlier this year.

EP2 has all the dusty charm of previous Urbandy albums—an unpackable collection of original moments mixed with half-forgotten obscura, sampled and remixed to resemble lost artifacts—but stylish analog snippets and gloomy ambient fuzz peel back to reveal a deeply personal memoir. EP2 attempts to salvage those early psycho-acoustic memories and examines growing up as a form of amnesia.

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