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EP2—The fourth album from Urbandy, and the follow-up to the plainly titled ‘EP’ released earlier this year.

EP2 has all the dusty charm of previous Urbandy albums—an unpackable collection of original moments mixed with half-forgotten obscura, sampled and remixed to resemble lost artifacts—but stylish analog snippets and gloomy ambient fuzz peel back to reveal a deeply personal memoir. EP2 attempts to salvage those early psycho-acoustic memories and examines growing up as a form of amnesia.

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Urbandy’s Howl-O-Ween Mix

Urbandy's Howl-O-Ween Mixtape


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Halloween is kind of a big deal here at Step Pepper. Urbandy’s newest mix is a good old fashion monster mash—a cauldron of 60s garage, psyche, and fuzz for all ages! Free Download. Enjoy!

Various Artists. Cover illustration by Al Feldstein.

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Urbandy Mixtape Vol. 3

Urbandy’s newest mixtape is a crowd-pleasing array of driving beats and pumping rhythms. Fun for the whole family.

Urbandy—The Far Off Sounds

The Far Off Sounds with Urbandy


Urbandy has been astro-traveling and he’s brought back some space oddities. The Far Off Sounds includes remixes, mash-ups, familiar names, dense sound collage, weird samples, and a bunch of old school breaks.

Have you ever been lost in space, or drifted among clouds of stars? Have you ever heard the crackle of Earth’s radio signals from a billion light years away? Have you ever crash-landed on a distant planet? Or witnessed the omnipotence of a planet-sized super being? Do you dare venture into the abyss?

Check out the video teaser:

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