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All Too Much!

All Too Much! by Andrea Really - Original Soundtrack by Omari Jazz

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Download includes bonus track and digital photo booklet. All Too Much! was a new-media exhibition by Andrea Really at Montevallo College of Art in early 2015, with music by Omari Jazz. The show included paintings and a video installation. “The Person Show” video was produced & directed by Andrea Really and stars Jonathan Evans. Original soundtrack ‘All Too Much!’ by Omari Jazz on Step Pepper Records.

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Now I Am Become Oni Jijo

Blake Ortego is Now I Am Become Death presenting Now I Am Become Oni Jijo, A Soundtrack

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An electronic album recorded in various natural environments.

Now I Am Become Oni Jijo (oh-nee he-ho) is an album of music composed by Now I Am Become Death, also known as Blake Ortego, for the in-production game Oni Jijo. A genre-less, instrumental composition created to evoke a sense of space and to provoke an emotional response instead of cater to one.

Essentially an electronic album, the objective was to record music in real-world environments to add natural atmosphere. The music was performed and amplified in various locations such as the desert, mountains, and beach Continue reading Now I Am Become Oni Jijo