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Slomile Swift—Sharper Blade, Safer Knife

Slomile Swift - Sharper Blade, Safer Knife

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Slomile Swift’s smartly titled ‘Sharper Blade, Safer Knife’—the follow up to last year’s short and sweet “Keep Back” EP—is no less funky, no less groovy than its predecessor, with an expertly crafted ensemble sound, layered grooves and fat bass lines, sly samples—cleverly edited—with deceptively simple arrangements resembling something like musical slight-of-hand.

There’s a endearing humor in the use of sports TV snippets to setup certain drops—the key components behind Swift’s forward motion—but the record has a solid instrumental core, hitting hard and full, with only a passing reverence to the sample-laden productions of yesterday. Here, Slomile Swift has created five wholly original compositions, with live instrumentation and a consistently thoughtful undercurrent of melodic bass.

Get the DUAL-EP cassette version, with reversible insert. Contains two separate albums; one on each side. (+download codes)

Side A—Sharper Blade, Safer Knife (2016)
Side B—Keep Back (2015)

Cover art for ‘Sharper Blade, Safer Knife’ by Chris Stewart
Cover photo for ‘Keep Back’ by Tanner Short

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Slomile Swift—Keep Back EP

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Step Pepper is excited to introduce Slomile Swift (though not exactly a newcomer) from Baton Rouge Louisiana. We’re re-releasing his ‘Keep Back’ EP in anticipation of his forthcoming album ‘Sharper Blade, Safer Knife’ arriving early 2016.

Blending electronic dance music’s synthesizers and hip hop’s sample-laden production, Slomile Swift, from Baton Rouge, makes his Step Pepper debut with his abrasive, yet soulful; accessible, yet eclectic; brash, yet melodic productions.

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