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PRIME8 PIMPIN—Seinen Jigsaw

PRIME8 PIMPIN - Seinen Jigsaw

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PRIME8 PIMPIN returns with a strikingly twisted cassette.

“The 14 tracks that span across this hour-long album sound like a madman’s attempt to flip and fit together every sample found on his computer while simultaneously stringing together a loose narrative of anime screams, cries and exclamations. While not necessarily a hip-hop record, Seinen Jigsaw’s groundwork pays homage to RZA’s signature beat-making style. Continue reading PRIME8 PIMPIN—Seinen Jigsaw

PRIME8 PIMPIN—Sellswords & Courtesans

Prime8 Pimpin - Sellswords & Courtesans

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It is said… long ago, ancient rulers made heavy use of sellswords, professional sword-slinging mercenaries with extraordinary prowess and skill. These near-mythic warriors sold their talents to the highest bidder, looting villages and emptying the coffers of kings.

Prime8 Pimpin’s Step Pepper debut Sellswords & Courtesans is a beat tape steeped in old school tradition, an hour-long collection of instrumental beats and breaks.

Prime8 Pimpin: “This all started when I came into possession of a binder full of Asian cinema. Most of the films I picked were Ronin or Samurai films but there were also a few Kung-Fu movies. I always want my projects to be action-packed so having a foundation of sword swinging and ass kicking didn’t hurt at all […] As far as the name of the tape is concerned, there are two types of people that you will almost always see in a samurai film: Sellswords—mostly Ronin, and Courtesans—high-class escorts.”

Prime8 has fast become a staple of the Baton Rouge beat scene. You can catch him performing as part of the Dolo Jazz Suite lineup along with fellow producer AF THE NAYSAYER.

Cover art by Chad Scales of Cs Vintage Co.

Watch a time-lapse of artist Chad Scales creating the album cover: