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All Too Much!

All Too Much! by Andrea Really - Original Soundtrack by Omari Jazz

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Download includes bonus track and digital photo booklet. All Too Much! was a new-media exhibition by Andrea Really at Montevallo College of Art in early 2015, with music by Omari Jazz. The show included paintings and a video installation. “The Person Show” video was produced & directed by Andrea Really and stars Jonathan Evans. Original soundtrack ‘All Too Much!’ by Omari Jazz on Step Pepper Records.

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Lazydawg—Pastel and All This

Lazydawg - Pastel And All This

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Omari Jazz + Jack Vogt = LΔZYDΔWG

It was impossible to miss the oozing potential of Lazydawg’s 2011 basement bedroom beat tape Warped Cream. Disguised as just another lo-fi love-letter, to the repeat listeners it was a neon engine from another dimension. Surely this overlooked mini-masterpiece was only a preview of the full-length effort taking shape behind the scenes.

Pastel and All This is Lazydawg’s first proper LP. If Warped Cream was a window, Pastel is the door. Step inside to a record that’s gleaming with sonic energy, a comfortable and carefully produced musical collaboration brimming with bouncy beats.

Omari Jazz: “Lazydawg is a common ground between our solo stuff. We just bring our aesthetics together to create another entity. I definitely think of it as a singular character with its own story.”

Jack Vogt: “It gives us a lot of room to explore different sounds and processes. one of us will make a beat and the other will start putting stuff over it, and then the beat evolves into this crazy sonic wolf-monster, and we put a leash on it and call it Lazydawg.”

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Lazydawg—Warped Cream

LΔZYDΔWG - WarpedCream (mixtape)


Omari Jazz + Jack Vogt = Lazydawg

WarpedCream, Lazydawg’s free collaborative mixtape, was passed around on the internet for awhile before it was picked up by Step Pepper for a digital release. At the time, Omari and Jack lived in different cities and created Warped Cream by exchanging files online. The result is this mesmerizing 20-minute excursion through a patchwork of raw beats and computerized textures.

Omari Jazz: “The way we worked on the tape had either of us doing drums or adding samples. We also tried to put a lot of the older songs we did earlier in the tracklisting. So the tape is sort of a progression of our collaborative skills over time. We kinda wanted the quality to be very short and ‘warped’. For some of the tracks we recorded jam sessions then went back and edited. Most of it was done in layers.”

Promo video directed by Brian Ratigan.

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