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Loveislight—Urgent Ticking Adjusting

Loveislight - Urgent Ticking Adjusting

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Urgent Ticking Adjusting further explores the nervously exciting world of Loveislight, delving into noisy drone and eerie ambient realms with ease while paying homage to the exotic and cerebral beatscapes of previous works. Shades of Suda’s post-rock band In Snow are apparent here, with samples from evangelicals and other motivational speakers becoming the album’s desperate inner-dialog; a paranoid paean to the power of purpose and authentic experience.

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Loveislight - Gim

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Eerie strings, drum lines, dazed and sleepy soundscapes, a finely woven journey of damaged loops, and colorful fragments of torn wallpaper. Loveislight’s approach to hip-hop is both reverent and experimental, a patient crate digger’s palace, bright and breezy with snappy drums, moments of concern and wistful nostalgia. Simple yet satisfying, brief but brilliant, laid-back and ethereal, Loveislight’s new album Gim is another place and time altogether.

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