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Jack Vogt—Meditation

Jack Vogt—Meditation

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Jack Vogt returns with his first proper LP since 2012’s seminal Step Pepper debut Sea Creatures. Meditation’s equally strange beauty blossoms in eager abundance.

Newer fans of Vogt, still “buzzing” from 2014’s delicious Sweet Buzz EP, will find Meditation high on a mountain top, reflecting on past adventures yet conscious of the road ahead. No less colorful than previous titles, there is however something grounded about the album’s core elements, attenuating the glassy futurism of recent works to instead meditate upon the vast wavelike forms of terra firma.

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Jack Vogt—Sweet Buzz

Jack Vogt - Sweet Buzz EP


Follow the Download link above to get the EP over at SoundCloud.

Jack Vogt drops the Sweet Buzz EP, a prologue to his long-awaited, mouth watering full-length Meditation. So sit back, grab a slice of delicious honey pie and enjoy a ‘Sweet Buzz’ before you pass out in the hot summer sun.

Artwork by Urbandy
All tracks produced by Jack Vogt

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Lazydawg—Pastel and All This

Lazydawg - Pastel And All This

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Omari Jazz + Jack Vogt = LΔZYDΔWG

It was impossible to miss the oozing potential of Lazydawg’s 2011 basement bedroom beat tape Warped Cream. Disguised as just another lo-fi love-letter, to the repeat listeners it was a neon engine from another dimension. Surely this overlooked mini-masterpiece was only a preview of the full-length effort taking shape behind the scenes.

Pastel and All This is Lazydawg’s first proper LP. If Warped Cream was a window, Pastel is the door. Step inside to a record that’s gleaming with sonic energy, a comfortable and carefully produced musical collaboration brimming with bouncy beats.

Omari Jazz: “Lazydawg is a common ground between our solo stuff. We just bring our aesthetics together to create another entity. I definitely think of it as a singular character with its own story.”

Jack Vogt: “It gives us a lot of room to explore different sounds and processes. one of us will make a beat and the other will start putting stuff over it, and then the beat evolves into this crazy sonic wolf-monster, and we put a leash on it and call it Lazydawg.”

Check out the teaser:

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Jack Vogt—Space Order 121

Jack Vogt - Space Order 121

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Jack Vogt is back with a new EP, Space Order 121, a collection of five palpitating rhythms to whet your appetite for a forthcoming LP.

Space Order 121 is a clearing house for deep-sea creatures and kind-in-the-mind orphans. This time, Vogt steps into the foreground to deliver a mature work that’s swift, spin-able, and just short enough to make you hit repeat.

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