Now I Am Become Oni Jijo

Blake Ortego is Now I Am Become Death presenting Now I Am Become Oni Jijo, A Soundtrack

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An electronic album recorded in various natural environments.

Now I Am Become Oni Jijo (oh-nee he-ho) is an album of music composed by Now I Am Become Death, also known as Blake Ortego, for the in-production game Oni Jijo. A genre-less, instrumental composition created to evoke a sense of space and to provoke an emotional response instead of cater to one.

Essentially an electronic album, the objective was to record music in real-world environments to add natural atmosphere. The music was performed and amplified in various locations such as the desert, mountains, and beach, and recaptured through quality microphones placed at large distances away. The end result creates a very wide and lush stereo experience with natural ambiance and space. This project also served the secondary purpose of building a high quality field recording library to be used for the game Oni Jijo and other future productions.

Oni Jijo is a game in development by Blake Trahan. In it, you play as Grer (gr-air), a young adult woman living in a world at the verge of its technological epoch. An unexpected disaster strikes civilization, killing Grer in the process. After years spanning an unimaginable amount of time, Grer is brought back to life by a strange entity left behind by humanity. ‘Oni Jijo’ is about leaving home, going back, and leaving again. It’s not really knowing what home is supposed to be. It’s wondering if home is a worthwhile description for anywhere on this strange planet.

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