Metanite — Planet Re$onance

Metanite - Planet Re$onance

This Valentine’s Day 2018 sees the release of the latest from our friend and favorite beat maker Metanite, aka Beatjiro aka Lee Hall Jr.

Metanite’s latest album ‘Planet Re$onance’ finds Hall at his most musical, including only a few samples and vocal flips—deftly woven into a broader foundation of shimmering melodic synths and warm, booming bass.

A prolific beat maker, Metanite wastes no time filling up his Soundcloud with a cascade of accomplished tracks but in the fast and loose world of streaming music, ‘Planet Re$onance’ strikes a much appreciated balance between sampling and synthesis.

Not above the occasional quick flip, Metanite’s conscious approach to the art, as well as his expanded music chops, proves him to be a thoughtful and thorough producer.

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Tohu Va – Saturnalia

Tohu Vah - Saturnalia

Tohu Va is the name of an experimental music and art project that aims to kill time itself through the frequent and intentional doing of nothing. Through various electronic and mechanical means, nothing-doers Michael Harp and Aaron Dues have devised a way to effectively and consistently bring about the killing of time, if only in limited segments.

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Erthling. – Magical Realizm

Erthling. - Magical Realizm

Listen to Erthling’s new single “Spirits In the Flesh”, from the EP ‘Magical Realizm’ available Thursday November 9th.

‘Magical Realizm’ is the first release of psychedelic hip-hop veteran David Redwine under his new Erthling alias.

By no means Erthling’s first attempt at a bonafide hip hop release—the rapper/producer formerly known as Slanguage has been making waves in the alternative hip hop world for almost a decade. From his days with Tuscaloosa, Ala.’s Intelligent Quotes, to his continuing work with rapper Fathom as half of the group Pen Pals, every beat tape and EP shows a clear artistic progression.

Redwine is a fixture in the Birmingham hip hop scene, with rappers nationwide clamoring for his beats, and shows throughout the state hoping that his credibility canonizes their stage. Promoters keep him at the top of their call lists whenever they book a show, and he’s delivered—sharing bills with artists as diverse as Open Mike Eagle, Milo, and David Liebe Hart.

This release, ‘Magical Realizm’, signifies a new commitment to content as Erthling readies upcoming releases with Richard Daniel of Birmingham’s RDFND crew, and the southern sage OZU as the duo 729. In the meantime, he’s gearing up for a tour with psyche-synth duo Tohu Va in the coming months.

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